About Poise & The Duo


Poise is a Women-Owned Modern Marketing & P.R. boutique firm that strives to provide
advanced business and branding support to professionals and companies especially start-ups and small business owners.


Klara J.
Founder & CEO, Digital Marketing Director

Since 2013, Klara J. has independently aided small to medium American-based enterprises and international companies by partnering up extensively and conscientiously with each client in expanding brand awareness through digital marketing and being the official liaison between the brands and its connections.

She specializes in developing emerging start-up commerce, guiding businesses in discovering the right aesthetic for the company and setting up the proper steps to elevate the enterprise to the next level.

Among the major industries that she is experienced in applying her marketing skills in includes Fashion & Design, Hospitality, Arts, Professional Services, and Entertainment.



Vony W.
Co-Founder, E-commerce Marketing Strategist

Vonyale's experiences and credentials in directing e-Commerce outlets began with large retail corporations that are based in the US. She has successfully increased sales and conversions by applying methods that she acquired from analyzing e-commerce sales / inventory and marketing /merchandising efforts while working for large retail companies.

In addition she has experience in aiding business growth through marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more.

With her strong background and retail knowledge, specifically in the Fashion industry, she has a keen eye for identifying the opportunities that will direct a brand to a growing e-Commerce emporium.